My inspiration for my film festival poster was the legendary typographer Herb Lubalin. I used his Avant Garde Gothic font in my poster. I used one version of his font in my title, the harsh slant to lines and the sharp edges related to the subject matter of the films. I used a more traditional form of the font in my body copy, as a contrast to the title font. I chose to make my film festival about vampire movies because vampires are one of the most iconic supernatural creatures. Literature and film has been referencing vampires for centuries, recently I believe the references to vampires has become distorted. I think a film festival featuring the classic vampire stories would be welcome among the fan base. I modified the v and t­he m to reference vampire fangs. I wanted to use different colors to represent the different movies in the film festival. I decided to use rectangles because I was able to extend parts of the v and the k off the page, this created movement in the piece. The extended forms of the letters related to the rectangles, so I made each rectangle a different color to differentiate the four films. Lastly, vampire movies usually have a dark mood, for that reason I wanted to keep the colors dark and saturated.

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