For my travel guide series I decided to make three guides highlighting main attractions within one massive theme park. I picked Universal studios’ resort in Orlando Florida. The tag-line I came up with is "fun for the whole family". The reason being each travel guide was targeted for each member of the family, depending on each member’s preference. The three categories I focus on was one guide for the trill seeker, the little kids, and then a guide on night life for the adults. The format I chose is based on the park map they hand out at the gate. I chose a small compact format for my guides because when one goes to a theme park, they are not going to want to carry around a bulky guide. The books are held together by a bellyband. I used a specific color for each guide to make each one stand out, while still keeping continuity to make each fit together as a collective series. The font family I used is Century Gothic, since it is a clean, structural font.

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