I did an appropriation of DVD documentary covers for modern hate groups. I used Haettenschweiler font, which is a bold condensed font. The font echoed the fonts on the DVD covers, and I added the definitions of the bold words on the posters to simulate the tagline or sub headers on the DVD covers. I reversed out the bold words in black or white in all four posters, and I used the black or white for the definitions of the various words on the posters to make them look like one cohesive piece. I used simple symbolism and replaced some graphic element in the original DVD covers with other graphic elements that represent the various beliefs of the hate groups. I did posters of several documentaries such as Michaels Moore’s s Bowling for Columbine, and Capitalism a Love Story. The documentary DVD cover I chose to appropriate, content within them deals with subject matter such as violence, hate, and greed.

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